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Your Real Estate Agent is great at providing links to helpful servicesAt Lamb's Realty we have great relationships with the following businesses and can speak first hand of their quality of service.

High Point Regional Association of Realtors - Lamb and Saunders is a proud member of the HPRAR.

B-F Builders - Licensed home inspector and contractor, remodeling roofing siding vapor barriers & sump pumps.

Douglas B. Elliott - Attorney at Law, Thomasville.

Countrywide Home Loans - Contact Nancy Williams, a local representative of one of America's top mortgage lenders.

Southern Cross Mortgage Company - Contact Gerald Grubb, a loan officer who can help anyone with a home loan, even those with poor credit history.

Allstate Insurance Company - Contact Tammie Grisso of the High Point office. She offers insurance for Homes, Condos, Tenants, Autos, Boats and Motorcycles.


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