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Our Services

Lamb's Realty offers several valuable Real Estate services. The most important to home buyer and seller is careful, honest, and timely help through the buying and selling process from the idea or buying or selling to moving day and beyond. Here are some things we do also as part of our service to the home buying and selling public.

We can help you establish a price for your home by doing a CMA, (comparative market analysis) This can show the neighborhood sales of like homes and help you make a decision of its worth. The benefit to the buyer or seller is that assurance that the price is the same for other homes that are for sales or already sold in one's neighborhood. This service is given FREE by our agency.

One newer concept in real estate in called buyer agency. This is a service whereby the buyer and the real estate agent form a relationship of agency between themselves for the benefit of the buyer. Selling agents or Listing agents wish to sell the properties they have listed if at all possible. A buyer agent shows any property to his buyer and also gives an honest opinion of the good and bad points of each property. The buyer agent also escorts the buyer completely through the buying process from start to closing. Buyer Agency services is FREE in our market.

Lamb's Realty can also offer sincere and helpful advice to those who are moving money from financial sources such as the stock market to the world of real estate for the purchase of rental or quick resale properties. We also offer a "broker opinion" of properties as to its worth or marketability. The service is FREE to individual owners.

If you wish to study Real Estate, we can recommend schooling for a career in Real Estate; we can also hold classes for those who would like to learn more able buying or selling their own home.

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